Are you interested in working with children either in a school or nursery setting, as a child-minder or something similar? Then look no further than Buckinghamshire College Group for Childcare Courses to get you started.

These courses are aimed at those who are committed to the development of children from early years to upper school. Careers could include Teaching Assistant roles at Primary or Upper School level, as well as childcare roles. The College has developed an excellent reputation in this field, enabling progress to higher qualifications and into very rewarding careers. Whether its learning about the early years curriculum or Safeguarding and Promoting the Welfare of the Child and Family, the skills you will pick up in our courses will help give you the practical experience to help achieve success in the Childcare Industry.

Here at Buckinghamshire College Group we offer numerous Foundation Degrees in Childcare, as well as several diplomas. We also offer Apprenticeships in Children and Young Peoples Workforce, which allow you to gain a foundation in advanced practical skills whilst earning a wage and a recognised qualification.