19+ Advanced Learning Loan Bursary


This is a means-tested capped discretionary fund that may assist learners with a variety of course related costs and travel.

The 19+ Advanced Learning Loan Bursary allocation is capped at £500.00 maximum. Further payments may be awarded during the year subject to funding availability

The funding available to the college is to help you with the cost of studying and comes from a government body called The Education Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) and is public money.

It will always be conditional on your attendance at college. Payments will be stopped if your attendance goes below 90% the previous week. Whilst we recognise that students face financial pressures, the funding you are applying for is not a right and Buckinghamshire College Group has a duty to make sure the funds are awarded fairly and to the students most in need.

How to Apply

You can only apply for this bursary if you are in receipt of the 19 + Advanced Learners Loan. We cannot process any funding until you have received your agreement letter from the student loans Company.  

Fill in your application carefully. 

  • Make sure the bank details are valid, correct and clearly written so payments are not delayed.
  • The learner MUST supply a valid email address as correspondence concerning payments will be via email.
  • The learner must read, tick and sign the declaration – the declaration includes permission for us to talk to the learners partner about the learners financial payments. If this is not ticked we will be unable to discuss the learners’ finance.
  • Gather your evidence.
  • Enrol on your course and collect a valid ID card – we cannot accept applications until the learner has enrolled (unless you are applying for the Childcare Grant).

Please note: If you are applying for childcare, you can do so on the 19+ Advanced Learner Loan Application Form. This form will need to be filled by the learner and the Childcare Provider before you enrol to save time. For more childcare information please click here.


You can apply for The Advanced Learning Loan Bursary after you have applied for your The Advanced Learning Loan and have received your agreement letter from the student loans Company.  

Buckinghamshire College Group will decide whether you will receive a discretionary payment, how much you could get, and what it should be used for once you have applied. 

To apply, you must be at least 19 years old at the start of the 2018/19 academic year (this is the 31st August). You must also be taking part in full-time or part-time further education or training and your family income must be under £35,000 per year.


All assessments for the Advanced Learning Loan Bursary will be based on household income and evidence will need to be supplied. An application will not be accepted if it is incomplete.


If you claim Working Tax Credit or Child Tax Credit then you must supply all six pages of your 2018 Award Notice. Alternatively, if the student's partner is in receipt of any of the following benefits you will be required to provide evidence of this. 

Please provide photocopies of documents as originals will not be returned or photocopied on your behalf.

Job Seekers Allowance

Employment & Support Allowance (income related)

Income Support

Universal Credit

Pension Credit (minimum guarantee)

National Insurance Credit


If the learner’s partner are employed with a total household income below £25,000 in the 2017-2018 financial year then please supply the following evidence for all working adults. P60 for April 2018 or March 2018 wage slip showing total income to date.

If you are self-employed, we need to see an Accountants Letter stating projected earnings for 2016/2017 or a photocopy of the relevant pages of your Self-Assessment Tax Return along with any additional evidence for your partner’s earnings.


If the student's parent(s) or guardian(s) is receiving a pension, please contact Student Services to discuss what evidence is available and how to proceed. You will find our contact details on the Contact Us page. 


In general most Course related payments will be sent directly to the relevant departments. However, occasionally learners may be paid directly, so where appropriate; course costs will be transferred to your department or the assigned bank account.

Where appropriate travel costs will be regularly transferred to the assigned bank account.

If you are unhappy with the assessment then you may appeal here.

What happens next?

Once an application has been submitted, it will take up to three weeks to process. During the submission time, we ask you to refrain from contacting us as we are processing many applications. Once the application has been assessed, the learner will be informed by email of any funds that have been awarded.